Mutual succes with the 12 sub goals

Our vision with the 12 goals

Select and practice the goals you think are most important to your success or practice them all at once! These goals contribute to current experiences, as well as future experiences. By practicing and sharing these 12 goals you contribute to our common vision, to create a greater potential for success, by enhancing the human experience in everything we do. Through the cultivated experience we establish the best framework for learning, insight and communication. By doing that we reduce stress, anxiety and inexpedient behaviors and choices among our selves and others.

We do this by continuously redefining the 12 goals, so that they are as clear and implementable as possible across borders, politics, branches and personalities. We provide a versatile vision of the goals to strive for and the community to help strive for them. We provide the personal experiences needed to adapt the goals into our lives, companies and organizations. In short, we provide a framework to help bring about more rewarding experiences. We hope you will join us in this endeavor.

Potential - Human potential can be utilized the more free we are from irrelevant distractions. Trim and target your potential.

Strenghts - When you utilize your strengths, you are in the best position to achieve fantastic results!

Interplay - The power of teamwork is endless when we focus on playing to each others strengths!

Direction - Striving for something makes life and the choices in life important. Being selective is being effective!

Empowerment - We can change our environment together with others and by doing so, become more resourceful!

Responsability - A person who owns their interest owns the responsibility for those interests. Being responsible is prioritizing!

Transparency - Credibility is crucial to any deal or organization. Trust is the main ingredient to achieving fantastic results!

Focus - Where you are is important, and what you focus on sets the framework for your learning and understanding!

Values - When we know and fulfill our values, we create the best basis for personal fulfillment and a meaningful experience.

Feedback - Feedback is our moral, ethical and practical compass. We develop best through meaningful feedback..

Energy - The world is full of opportunities that you can choose to perceive as exciting challenges!

Health - Body and mind are connected. Both should be kept healthy to remain in optimal form.

Show dedication!

Contribute by investing some of your time, money or network! We are already expanding and seeking opportunities to develop stronger arguments, better media and direct efforts that help organizations and individuals cultivate better experiences with one or more of the 12 goals. Stress is a major issue in our world for individuals, companies and organizations alike. A lot can be done immediately to help alleviate some of that stress as well as safeguarding against future stress in a proactive way. We strive to focus on cultivating the experiences that help us create a less stressful and more fulfilling environment for all.

Buy a pin - Buying a pin means that you support our common vision and you give your network a reason to ask about it.

Be an ambassador - We strive to create a global ambassador network consisting of dedicated people who support the vision!

Help our activities - We do a lot of activities. We will upload an English version of them shortly. Until then, find them here.

Become a partner - Lets us work together to provide our respective communities the best framework for fantastic results!

Share your network - Spread the word! Our common cause needs people that share our vision and who want to participate!

Pratice the goals - By practicing the goals yourself you are taking the first steps toward what we hope to achieve!

The organization

We have organized ourselves into 3 groups (3xA) an Advisory board, an Administration and the Ambassador network. The advisory board consists of people of influence, knowledge and network with different professional backgrounds. Their function is to enlighten and guide the vision in a meaningful direction. The administration consist of people who do daily and weekly tasks that coordinate activities effectively. And lastly, the ambassador network! This network consists of dedicated and motivated people, who in their own way, contribute to the network mainly through the investment of time, knowledge and network. The ambassadors can pick up the title or become certified through online training.

Advisory board - We already have a strong advisory board, but we are always seeking more.

Administration - We have a small but dedicated team that ensures day to day tasks and long term ambitions.

Ambassador network - We are currently developing and growing our network! Join and share the vision!

What now - A call to action!

As we are still working on implementing our organization in Denmark, we hope that this English summary of our vision, can function as an initial informational board, that can spark the interest of people who are ready to participate in our common international vision - That is to create a culture around cultivating positive experiences on a personal and professional level.

So what do we need right now, you might ask? We are especially interested in the following.

  • A representative (Or two) from each country - This person will receive a free online education as a Cert. Ambassador. The task will there after be to spearhead our vision in the country by creating a national network. Our whole organization is ready to assist each ambassador with guides and material! As most tasks will initially be voluntary, we do not set any amount of expectations, only hopes. Some tasks will be paid for. Especially when we arrange international projects - That requires an actual organization in the region. The first education will start June 1, 2020 - Send your application to the email below. We hope to receive a short application and CV/or link to LinkedIn.

  • Partners - Although it is not of crucial importance right now, we are always seeking partners who are ready to support our common cause.

Need to know more? Contact our representative directly either at (0045) 20622310 or

We want to hold a Skype meeting about this so that we can discuss the topic together. The meeting will initially be on the 20th of June 2020, 1900-2100 CEST(UTC +2). To participate, please send an email that you are interested in participating. All are welcome. Maximum 50 participants can be in a Skype meeting.


Sammen skaber vi en kultur om at inspirere hinanden til gensidig succes.


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